1   Full name, including all prior names or aliases. Full Social Security Numbers. If filing jointly, also for the husband or wife. Telephone numbers and email addresses.
2.    Type of employment, trade or business. Name and address of current employer or employers. Length of employment. If currently unemployed, name and address of employers in last 2 years. If seasonal or sporadic employment I need the average monthly earnings during the six months prior to filing.
3.    All addresses for last two years. If renting, name and address of landlord holding any security deposits. If owning, name and addresses of all mortgagee banks, including account numbers. Any court complaints, judgments or garnishments relating to you or your residence.
4.    Name and ages of all dependents, and whether or note they live with you.
5.    Current Income and Expenses. All income must be listed, including that of husband or wife, even if both are not filing. This was a 2005 change in the law.
6.    Federal Form 1040’s for prior two years. If you haven’t filed your taxes for these years only you must do it now. If you never filed, because you did not work or earn enough, you need not now.
7.    Year, make, model and VIN Number of all vehicles owned by you. A printout or other evidence of market value. Name, address and account numbers of anyone holding any lien on the vehicle, such as the seller.
8.    Name, address, account numbers, balances, in all banks, credit unions or other institutions holding your money.
9.    Any other valuable property, including IRA’s 401Ks, pensions, retirement accounts, money market or stocks.
10.    Payments to creditors over $500 in the 90 days prior to filing your case. Unusual payments in prior two years.
11.    Credit reports. offers one free report per year from the three major credit reporting agencies.

peter Alan Joseph, ESQ.